More proof that #Ferguson riots where planned! Eric Holder told gang leaders to Riot!

Eric Holder…a man of many different scandals. His scandals out number many other politicians put together causing America great amounts of sorrow and grief. Now he has caused #Ferguson Missouri as an image to be shown around the world that displays Americans as a violent populace!  Recently, the gang leader that was a part of all the riots in Ferguson spoke out and said that Eric Holder paid them to start Riots. When the police started gearing up, the paid provocateurs stepped in and began destroying the town.

We all know that to get a message across, it is all about being productive. Rioting and Looting is not productive! That is why it never made sense that they where looting and rioting against police. Now we know what the truth. They wanted to test their gear. The police and units like the police needed to test out their response times, and gear as if Martial Law was enacted! Well you saw it first hand just how quickly things are going to go south if this happens.

Martial Law is a major step in the wrong direction for this country, just as rioting and looting is a major wrong direction message. The most effective way to stand up is what is going on in Ferguson right now. There is singing, protesting, and a sense of peace after all the chaos!

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