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The role of video cameras in fighting oppression is one of the many crucial issues that the recent struggles in Ferguson have brought into the national spotlight. Militarized police in that area have specifically targeted journalists as well as citizens with video cameras for arrest, threats, and harassment. Recently, the press has been forced to ask the Ferguson area police forces why members of the media are being asked to clear areas even before protesters. Of course, it’s mostly a rhetorical question because the answer is obvious. The government wants every action by its citizens caught on record at all times but does not want to receive the same treatment in return. While the corporate-controlled mainstream media and the sheepish population have always been more than happy to believe whatever lies are concocted to shield the truth of Executive Branch abuses, it’s far more difficult to sell a fake story when the truth is on YouTube for everyone to see.

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Simon Trinculo is the author of The New Conspiracy Handbook: From GI Joe to Lady Gaga, 25 Truths You Won’t Find On Wikipedia, as well as the follow up The New Conspiracy Handbook Presents: 31 Suspicious Suicides. Both are available at in paperback and for Kindle.

James Foley execution was STAGED! Proof that we are being lied to, and what this will lead to!

james foley

James Foley Hoax!

How many times has our government committed an act like the Foley beheading to start a war? Too many to count. This time is no different than the others; except Truthers aren’t the only ones saying this one was a hoax. In the Mainstream Media, experts are even coming out and saying it is a HOAX! The forensic analysis is proving that there is something else going on here! Jihadists are barbaric, brutal murderers and one sad thing is certain, they like to see blood. However in this beheading, there was no blood. This makes it a hoax, because when a beheading done there is a lot of blood. Now that we know it was faked, we must ask why? Watch Below for your answer!

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