Denver headed into center of undocumented immigrant minors controversy

A Honduran child, who will be accompanied by his family when they travel to reach northern Mexico or the U.S. (Reuters / Jorge Lopez)

According to theDenver Post, the city has applied for a three-year grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement that would allow it to care for some children in its Family Crisis Center. The facility is capable of housing 54 children, offering interim shelter for kids while the Denver Department of Human Services determines where to place them.

Should the city gain approval, Mayor Michael Hancock believes it’s likely that Denver would take in some of the children from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras who are entering the United States illegally through the Mexican border.

The application caused a stir from local lawmakers, some of which told the Post that they did not even know the city was looking for such permission.

“My jaw wouldn’t be on the floor if I had any inkling,” said City Council member Jeanne Faatz. “I didn’t know anything about it … From an individual basis, your heart goes out to every child. But this isn’t the way to handle a crisis.”

Despite some criticism from conservative and anti-immigrant groups – one local talk radio host compared housing undocumented minors in shelters across the US to the establishment of “sanctuary cities” – Hancock released a statement promoting the application.

“In Denver, we care about kids,” the mayor said. “The work of departments like DHS is how we answer the call to serve. In this case, the federal government is trying to place refugee children with family members. And while we have not yet been asked, we recognize that we are likely to have relatives in our community who will want to take in their young family members.”

News of Denver’s grant application also comes in the wake of several anti-immigrant protests throughout the US. As RT reported earlier this week, at least 50 people gathered in Vassar, Michigan, on Monday to express their outrage against a government proposal to house 12- to 17-year-old immigrants at a local shelter. Some protesters showed up bearing rifles and handguns, while others criticized the federal government for lax border security.

Meanwhile, anti-immigrant protests are also scheduled to unfold across the United States over the next two days. In a coordinated campaign organized by several groups, participants will gather at state capitals, Mexican consulates, and detention centers housing some of the minors to express their opposition.

In some cases, both pro and anti-immigrant sides have clashed at the same location, as in Murrieta, California, where more than 150 activists converged in early July. While opponents claim that all undocumented minors should be deported, supporters claim they should be considered refugees as part of an unfolding humanitarian crisis.

Malaysian jet tragedy propagandized – Ron Paul

Ron Paul (Reuters / Joel Page)

Drawing parallels between the potential for a Russian-made missile system’s connection to the attack of the passenger jet on Thursday over the restive Donetsk region of Ukraine and the capture of US-made weapons by Islamist insurgents in Iraq, Paul pointed out that the missile’s potential source of manufacture was largely immaterial.

“That may well be true, but guess what, ISIS has a lot of American weapons,” said Paul. “We sent weapons into Syria to help the rebels and al-Qaida ends up getting it — it doesn’t mean that our American government and Obama deliberately wanted ISIS to get American weapons.”

“So who gets the weapons is a big difference between how they got them and what happened and what the motivations were,” Paul added. “So even if it was a Russian weapon — doesn’t mean a lot.”

Speculation of direct involvement by the Kremlin, whether directly or through “proxies” in the form of pro-Russian militia in Ukraine, in particular seems propagandized, Paul told NewsMax on Friday.

Unverified video footage has been circulated as proof of involvement by Ukrainian militia members, though the aircraft’s black boxes have yet to be retrieved, and there remain many questions unanswered as investigators have trickled into the crash site.

“Under these circumstances, it’s very difficult to get the real information so everybody’s angling to propagandize and make their position known,” said Paul.

“It’d be unwise to say, well, the Russians did it, or the Ukrainian government did it, or the rebels did it.”

The ‘Buk’ anti-aircraft system in question has been the source of wide speculation in Western media. In use since the 1970s, the weapons system was designed and produced by the former Soviet Union and have been present in Ukraine since its dissolution, and has seen deployment in a number of countries including Finland, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

‘I told you he’s dead!’ Chechen leader posts photo of terrorist Doku Umarov’s body

This undated handout image recieved on February 8, 2011 from the SITE Intelligence Group shows Doku Umarov, the leader of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus. (AFP Photo)

“Dear friends! I said earlier that Doku Umarov was killed during a special operation. But representatives of the various law enforcement agencies and the media were quick to put this information into question,”Kadyrov wrote.

“They said that there was no corpse. But we had incontestable evidence of his elimination. Later, his death was officially recognized. Now, for those who would like to believe that this rat is still alive, we can show him after death,” the post said accompanied by a photo. Later, however, the photo was taken down.

“He was never a warrior,” Kadyrov added. “He was an expert in claiming responsibility for anything that happened in the world.”

Back in April, the director of the Russian FSB, Alexander Bortnikov told journalists that Doku Umarov along with his terror cell were eliminated during a “combat operation” in late 2013.

Reports of Umarov’s death emerged in the media about a dozen times in the recent years without any hard proof. Kadyrov himself repeatedly announced the terrorists death with the latest one being in January, when he cited intercepted the terrorists’ radio communications in which they allegedly acknowledged the death of their leader and discussed possible candidacy of his successor.

‘Destroy immediately’: Top US commander ordered Bin Laden photos purge

Chechen terrorist leader Doku Umarov has been on the wanted list of Russia, the US and UN Security Council for organizing multiple terror acts, kidnapping, contract murder and other grievous crimes in Russia.

Umarov claimed responsibility for organizing the explosion on the ‘Nevsky Express’ passenger train in 2009 in which 28 people died, and two suicide bomber terror acts in the Moscow subway the same year that claimed the lives of 40 people. Umarov has also been held responsible for the suicide bomb explosion in Domodedovo Airport in 2011, in which 35 people were killed.

IPhone (SIRI) Says “Gates of Hades” Will Open July 27th 2014: Sick Hoax Or Is There A Logical Explanation For It.


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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOS AND NEWS LINKS: I came across this video today about the IPhone Siri saying that on July 27th the Gates of Hades will open. I did a little research to see if this was a hoax perpetuated by Apple and came up with no articles referencing that was the case. Some people actually believe that hell will open that day. I suddenly thought of Revelation 9: 1-3 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. 2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. 3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.



I did a little more digging and found out that this is the most important week for the Satanist dealing with their Holy sex ritual. During the days of the 20 – 27 Sacrifice preparation are made in kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for sacrifice. On the 27th the Grand climax commence with Sexual rituals and a female sacrifice.  It is during these days that Satanic Power Magic is at its strongest. On the day of July 27 of The Grand Climax, Satan and The Demons of the pit are let loosed during this ritual. It is during this supposed opening of The Gates of Hades that the Satanist who called upon Satan and The Demons will deliver their desires. Due to the content that I found on the blog while doing research, I decided to copy and Paste Satanist  Aliester Nasth writing on The Great Climax. Scroll down to the very bottom to read for yourself this information. The link will be posted, but I advise you to proceed with caution. He has some very offensive material and photos on his Blog. There is another video stating that the Gates of Hades will close September 3, 2014.


In an odd twist to the current idea that the Gates of Hades will open up, The Chinese Ghost month falls on that exact same date when Hell is open up letting those spirits visit their descendants. Ramadan ends on the date of July 27 of this year leaving many to speculate this is what Siri means. This cannot be possible because never does it say on the last day of Ramadan that Hades will open. At the end of Ramadan Muslims say that, “Huraira narrated that Allah’s Messenger, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam, said : “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.”  The Gates of Hell are closed not open. Siri said that the gates of Hades are open, opposite to what Islam says. So can Hades be open here on Earth? Is it possible to open a portal to that dimension to speak to the devil and his minions? I honestly feel Satan has not fallen and that Hades cannot be open. Read the commentary below on why I take this view. Remember Hades is a place where souls are sent for punishment and torment to those who have refuse Jesus Christ. What do we make of all of this Siri talk? Is SIRI talking about The Grand Climax? Does SIRI know The Grand Climax will happen? If that is the case than we shouldn’t be surprise that this comes from the company with a bitten apple as a logo. The same apple that so many believe Eve ate, but doesn’t reference it as such. In conclusion I believe the Gates of Hades cannot be open and this scripture could explain it all. 1 Peter 18-20 For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit,19 through whom also he went and preached to the spirits in prison 20 who disobeyed long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built. In it only a few people, eight in all, were saved through water. This is where the fallen angels and the wicked are. This is the place where Jesus preached the good news and the great work he did. This is the Gates of Hades. Revelation 9 talks of that day when the bottomless pit will be open. It will surely be hell on Earth and one of the darkest times in man’s history. A key will be given to Satan to open, not hades, to the bottomless pit when he is cast out of heaven. The Bible is your Siri and it gives you a view of what God has in store for the world. It doesn’t give you dates, but gives you the truth of certain events into the future. Open it up and read it. You will be surprised and amazed by what you will find. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLES IN THE BOTTOOM. Thank you for visiting These Christian Times and God Bless you.


The Epoch Times: The Siri voice program on the Apple iPhone has been perplexing numerous people in the past month, saying the “Opening [the] Gates of Hades” will take place on July 27, 2014, with many wondering why.

When one asks Siri, “What is July 27” or asks “What is July 27, 2014,” it will respond: “It’s Sunday, 27 July 2014 (Opening Gates Of Hades).”

Not everyone will get the response, but several Epoch Times reporters asked Siri the question and got the “Hades” response and some didn’t. Hades is the name of the Greek god of the underworld, and it’s also used to refer to the underworld, or according to some interpretations, Hell READ MORE:



DISCOVEREVELATION.COM: In Revelation chapter 9, the fifth and sixth trumpets are described. The fifth trumpet brings a five month period of torment on the unbelievers of the earth.

In the first 12 verses, John employs the image of a pit seven times to describe hell. Each time the pit is closely associated with demons; it is also associated with the unsaved. (Romans 10 v.7)

This image of hell may also imply darkness and imprisonment since pits were often used as prisons in ancient cultures. Obviously, the pit appears as a place of suffering.

If you have trouble believing God could ever make a hell, remember it was prepared for the Devil and his angels. (Matthew 25 verse 41. Those who go to hell are in essence choosing to spend eternity with Satan rather than with Christ READ MORE:





COMMENTARY ON THE GRAND CLIMAX: As the Grand Climax week approaches, I wanted to share our coven’s beliefs and rituals of this most Satanic holiday. If you google the words “grand climax” you are sure to retrieve a gambit of information ranging from anal sex (the climax part) to Xtians claiming to have demystified the Grand Climax with descriptions of virgin sacrifice, child abduction or elaborate rituals performed by music superstars. Many Xtian “authorities” on the subject of Satanic rituals, holidays and celebrations are simply misguided fools who cut and paste horrid fabrications of human trafficking and “baby mills” to serve the escalating needs of the ever-growing Illuminati masses. From the elaborate schemes to kidnap just the right virgin to visitors from outer space who look like reptiles, the stories grow more outlandish and grotesque. If we are to speak on the subject, let’s use facts and truth instead of “Satanic panic”.

Satanic Sex Our group, Magnum Opus, celebrates the entire week with daily recognition and observance of sacred acts designed to Exalt the most high King of the World, Satan. The week’s activities build upon one another so as to culminate in the celebratory ritual on the final night. While this tractate is a brief description of a week-long event, hopefully you will be able to extract any elements that you may find to be of interest. The Grand Climax, as Satanism itself, is open to the practitioner’s interpretation instead of tired,dead or meaningless dogma. The Satanist adopts the things that represents meaning to them and there is no “right or wrong” way of expressing our love and dedication to our King and the Hosts of Hell.

The Grand Climax falls at the end of July on the Satanic Calendar. The ritual is based upon blood and sex; the two main focus “operations or operators” involved. Each event on the Satanic Calendar is represented by one or more of these operations in observance of the particular date. Satanists embrace the operators due to the magical significance of the specific deed. Nothing herein would prevent a Satanist or coven from deviating from these operators for certain dates; again, it is totally left to the discretion of the practitioner to find what is right for them. It is noted (and has been witnessed our coven) that using the specified operator at the designated milestone date will render a much more potent magic and better dividends / rewards. Some elders speculate that it is the accumulation of “the many” which results in the magic being stronger and more intense during these workings. Their hypothesis is based upon the “numbers theory” whereas the same ritual(s), operation(s) and deliveries serve to amplify the Satanic magic allowing the demonic Familiar(s) to exercise greater power and authority in summoning and performing the acts desired of the practitioners. Whether the “safety in

numbers” or the “strength in numbers” hypothesis works as explained is always up for debate. One thing is quite clear regardless of the root cause; the Satanic power of magic is stronger on these sacred ritual dates.

Blood rituals, if performed properly, have historically yielded great rewards through the fulfillment of the group’s desires. As discussed in my other blog posts, I do not advocate the proverbial “pact with the devil” as so many stories of old describe. Some Satanists believe this act of renunciation of the Xtian faith and embrace of the Satanic darkness makes their magic more potent; more powerful and allows them to feel closer (figuratively speaking) to Satan himself. I do not denounce this belief because Satanism is about the individual…….if this pact feels right and satisfies a deep seeded desire for the individual, that in itself is enough reason to recognize it as a value-added operational element.Nailed Crucifix

There is however, one part of the “pact belief” that allow for acceptance and that is the “Magical Reciprocity Effect”. While not based entirely upon the “Three-fold law, The Balance and Reciprocity” laws of magic, it does explain how magic seems to consistently behave. Nothing is free in the world in which we reside and magical operations must be “paid for” symbolically speaking in order for the practitioner’s desires to be met. Have you performed rituals that produced “nothing” in return? Perhaps you should evaluate your methodology to gain a better understanding of cause and effect. The blood ritual does just that………you give so that you may receive. It is a gesture of sacrifice in itself which allows the demonic spirits to close the dimensional gap in order to do your bidding; thus granting your desires. This simple premise has been reiterated in magic books and grimoires throughout history.

Sex rituals are sometimes misinterpreted as wild orgies and uncontrolled primal urges acted as drunken debauchery. While this explanation my be accurate in some Satanic groups, the purpose and performance of the sex ritual is much more refined, controlled and exacting. The sex ritual delivers much more than sexual satisfaction; it is an operation that delivers powerful, focused energy. The magical Law of Synchronicity plays a role as the timed release of the energy is compounded by the group. While the promise of orgies and sex within the coven are great sales tactics to attract and influence new initiates to the coven, it is not to be overlooked as a powerful tool of magic.

There are many different methods for performing a sex ritual. A High Priestess may stimulate a male coven member on the altar until ejaculation, while the coven gathers around the altar. I prefer manual stimulating a female coven member as she serves as the altar. The wonderful thing about women is multiple orgasms which creates an enormous amount of magical energy. I use my fingers on her soft G Spot which helps to control the climax, as well as allowing her to relax and enjoy the event without apprehension. Timing is important however, you must be sensitive to her needs and never leave her “hanging” or unsatisfied when completing the ritual.

The week of the Grand Climax is a flurry of activity. Our coven enjoys gathering for meals and the invitation extends to any visitors that will attend the rituals. It is a celebration and very enjoyable to all involved. Most outsiders see Satanists as gothic, sinister and antisocial beings who constantly sit in a dark room with the curtains drawn. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Humans are social animals

and we as Satanists cultivate a feeling of family and a “belonging” to our coven brothers and sisters. The coven is a refuge from the world that encourages and rejuvenates its members.

I hope you will have the opportunity to participate in the Grand Climax Satanic celebration this year and use the occasion to reaffirm existing friendships and open the doorway to make new relationships within the Satanic community. You will be glad you did!

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

Father of six dead following NYPD street choking incident

A combo of images grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube by Hezakya Mixologist

According to the New York Daily News, at least five New York Police Department officers took 43-year-old Eric Garner, a Staten Island father of six, to the ground in an attempted arrest on Staten Island. One put Garner in a chokehold that caused Garner – who suffered from asthma – to lose consciousness and reportedly go into cardiac arrest. He was declared dead at the Richmond University Medical Center.

The incident – much of which was caught on film by a witness – began when NYPD officers questioned Garner about selling untaxed cigarettes. According to Ramsey Orta, the 22-year-old who recorded the footage, Garner had just broken up a fight that took place in the area when police walked up and said they saw him selling cigarettes.

Police told the Associated Press that Garner had a history of run-ins with the law. He has been arrested 31 times since 1988 for infractions such as drug possession, assault, and selling untaxed cigarettes. Most recently, he was arrested in May for peddling cigarettes, but on this occasion Garner insisted he did nothing wrong.

“I didn’t do s—!” the 6-foot-4 Garner can be heard saying in the video, which was obtained by the Daily News. “I was just minding my own business.”

“Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today!” he yelled.

In the video, officers can be seen moving in to arrest Garner while he tells them not to touch him. At this point, an office can be seen placing Garner in a chokehold from behind and multiple other officers moving in and helping to take him to the ground. Once down, an officer can be seen pressing Garner’s head against the pavement, with Garner yelling multiple times, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”

Shortly afterwards, the man stops moving and stops responding.

Despite claims by the police, Garner’s wife Esaw believes the NYPD acted with excessive and unnecessary force.

“They’re covering their asses, he was breaking up a fight” she said to the Daily News. “They harassed and harassed my husband until they killed him.”

That allegation was echoed by Orta, who told the AP, “Before they even grabbed him, he told them he wasn’t feeling good and that’s why I pulled the camera out and started recording. They could’ve just hopped out on the guys who were fighting, but they didn’t bother to ask. They just jumped straight on him.”

As a result of Garner’s unfortunate death, the Staten Island District Attorney said his office has opened an investigation into the incident. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also issued a statement on the matter.

“We are harnessing all resources available to the city to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the circumstances of this tragic incident,” he said.

According to the New York Times, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, which looks into police abuse accusations, received 233 complaints regarding chokeholds in 2013 – more than four percent of all excessive force complaints in New York.

‘Lightning strike on privacy’: UK wraps up ‘farcical’ hearing on mass surveillance

Graffiti art is seen on a wall near the headquarters of Britain's eavesdropping agency, Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, in Cheltenham, western England (Reuters / Eddie Keogh)

“It is a lightning strike on the privacy of everyone within the government’s ever extending reach,” said Amnesty International’s Senior Director for Law and Policy, Michael Bochenek, on Friday.

“This week’s hearing descended at times into the realms of farce and fantasy – thanks to the government’s insistence they would neither confirm nor deny any of their surveillance activities.”

The hearing has been exploring the allegations that the UK has been illegally intercepting millions of communications.

A GCHQ tribunal started to hear the legal challenges from Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union, Privacy International and Liberty among others on Monday.

“This week’s hearing will be the first time that these UK government agencies, including the notoriously shady GCHQ, have appeared in a public hearing to answer direct allegations and state their position on the mass surveillance operations as a whole,” said Amnesty International in a statement at the beginning of the week.

However, any hope about the UK government being able to clarify their involvement in mass surveillance operations has quickly dissipated.

“Without being able to deal with concrete examples, discussing the lawfulness of mass surveillance became an exercise in absurdity. We were pursuing our challenge in a legal black hole,” Bochenek said.

The criticism was bolstered by the UK government’s apparent rushing through a new surveillance law that went from announcement to enactment in eight days.

READ MORE: ‘Right to privacy breached’: Rights group vows to take UK govt to court over DRIP law

The controversial data retention and investigatory powers bill (DRIP) gives British security services access to an unprecedented level of metadata, including records of phone calls, emails and social media activity and would also force non-UK companies like Yahoo and Facebook to hold information on web activities if their users are based in Britain.

Labour MP Tom Watson called it “democratic banditry, resonant of a rogue state.”

Amnesty also expressed distaste.

“The government has tried to cajole the public into believing the law is just a minor tweak to protect existing powers. They claim it doesn’t need proper scrutiny by their elected representatives, but this is in fact an unjustifiable power grab by the security services,” said Bochenek.

“Not only does it extend the government’s dragnet well beyond UK shores to permit virtually limitless fishing expeditions, but it appears to be an attempt to give a lawful basis to unlawful government activity, before anyone has time to realize what’s happened.”

“It is a lightning strike on the privacy of everyone within the government’s ever extending reach.”

​Mass executions, torture and child soldiers: UN reports ‘terrible’ war crimes in Iraq

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on Youtube on June 17, 2014, allegedly shows militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) parading with their weapons in the northern city of Baiji in the in Salaheddin province. (AFP Photo)

“Every day we receive accounts of a terrible litany of human rights violations being committed in Iraq against ordinary Iraqi children, women and men, who have been deprived of their security, their livelihoods, their homes, education, healthcare and other basic services,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay.

“The deliberate or indiscriminate targeting of civilians, the killing of civilians, the use of civilians as shields, the hindering of access for civilians to humanitarian assistance may amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity. Parties to the conflict are required by international human rights law and international humanitarian law to prevent such violations and abuses from taking place.”

The new report says that June, which marked the escalation of the offensive by the Sunni jihadist group ISIS, has been the most chaotic, with a conservative estimate of more than 1,500 people killed and more than 600,000 displaced from their homes, half of the total number of internal Iraqi refugees.

“ISIL (ISIS) and associated armed groups have carried out many of these attacks in a systematic manner heedless of the impact on civilians, or have systematically targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure with the intention of killing and wounding as many civilians as possible. Targets have included markets, restaurants, shops, cafes, playgrounds, schools, places of worship and other public spaces where civilians gather in large numbers,” said the report.

Among the atrocities committed by the group is the execution of 480 Shia inmates in Badush prison in the newly-captured city of Mosul on June 10, which turned so bloody “that some detainees were able to flee and others survived by pretending to be dead under the bodies of other detainees.”

The report also notes systematic terror tactics used against those not killed or shrines not destroyed in initial ISIS assaults, such as the ‘Watheqat al Madina’ statue in the Ninewa region.

“The document authorizes the execution of any persons failing to abide by the rules, destroying religious sites of other schools of thought or religions, and restricting severely women’s right to freedom of movement among other preoccupying regulations.”

Predictably, those most vulnerable in peace-time – women, children, minorities and the disabled – have been “disproportionately” affected by the outbreaks of violence.

“Credible information on recruitment and use of children as soldiers was also received and the United Nations has started documenting cases despite the sensitivity of the information and fears of families. Children are recruited by armed opposition groups, including ISIL and associated armed groups, and used as informants, for manning checkpoints and in some cases as suicide bombers.”

The US-backed Shia government, whose rigidity and neglect of Sunni-dominated areas is thought to have provided a fertile ground for a sectarian uprising, also comes in for severe criticism.

“UNAMI has also documented violations committed by the Iraqi Security Force and affiliated forces – including summary executions/extrajudicial killings of prisoners and detainees, which may constitute a war crime and, on occasion, lack of adherence to the principle of distinction and proportionality or failures to take necessary precautions to protect civilians in carrying out military operations.”

In many incidents described, the unchecked actions of security officers, and nebulous “pro-government” militias are identical in their style and impact to those of ISIS.

“On 21 June, nine internally displaced families from Jalula reported that their homes had been burned by Shia militiamen in revenge for their families allegedly being sympathizers of ISIS,” says one entry in a litany of abuses that relied largely on direct evidence from witnesses and victims.

“It was reported on 15 June, that on 14 June, 31 detainees were executed at the al-Qalaa police station in Tal Afar by ISF when fleeing their posts shortly before the approach of ISIS. Reports state that 36 detainees were ordered to leave their cells by one officer and three policemen who then proceeded to open fire,” claimed another.

While the report is concrete in its detailing of problems, its proposed solutions about the need for “respect for human rights” are abstract and unenforceable. But Nickolay Mladenov, who heads the UN mission in the country, believes real progress can only arrive with the creation of a consensus government to replace Nouri Maliki, who has been in power since 2006.

“It is vital that Iraqi leaders quickly move forward on the nomination of a new President and a new Government. An inclusive political process, cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil (the Kurdish capital) as well as a nationally accepted security plan are important elements in restoring the rule of law and bringing the country back from the brink of chaos,” said Mladenov.

Israel reduces diplomatic staff in Turkey following violent pro-Palestinian protests

Demonstrators shout slogans in front of the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, as they protest against Israel's military action in Gaza, on July 18, 2014. (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)

LIVE UPDATES: Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip

The Israeli Foreign Ministry blamed the Turkish authorities for failing to provide protection for its diplomatic staff, calling it a“blatant breach of diplomatic regulations.” It also said that envoys’ families are being repatriated in light of the violence caused by the Israeli military operation in Gaza.

“Israel strongly protests the blatant breach of diplomatic regulations… which were grossly violated by the Turkish authorities and security services during the demonstrations,” a statement from the Israeli foreign ministry said.

Protests that drew thousand in front of the Jewish embassy in Ankara and at a consulate in Istanbul were fueled by the earlier announcements by Turkey’s top leadership.

“(Israel) has always been oppressive, and continues to oppress. Hence, for Turkey, I cannot think of positive developments with Israel as long as I hold this duty,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul. “Westerners may say I am stirring up tensions, but I have the mission of winning the consent of people and God,” he added before meeting with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“I’m warning Israel once again that there will be much more serious consequences if it does not stop its aggressiveness and the escalation of incidents,” Turkish President Abdullah Gul said.

The protests in Istanbul erupted at 01:30 am local time in front of the Israeli consulate with pro-Palestinian activists chanting slogans such as “Hail to the resistance from Istanbul to Gaza,” “Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine,” and “Strike, strike Hamas; strike against Israel.” Demonstrators also waved Turkish and Palestinian flags.

Within an hour protesters were smashing the building’s windows after climbing the wall that surrounds the building. Law enforcement had to intervene using water cannons and tear gas against the angry mob which tried to enter the premises and pelted the police with stones. A second attack on the consulate was prevented by police intervention.

Meanwhile in Ankara, activists threw rocks at the Israeli embassy, shattering windows and hanging the Palestinian and Turkish flags on the house’s wall. The police kept the protesters from entering the garden, but did nothing to stop them from throwing stones.

‘Friend or Foe’ cutting edge brain scan could identify threats to the US

In this photo taken on August 5, 2011, US troops patrols Kandalay village following Taliban attacks. (AFP Photo / Romeo Gacad)

Dubbed “HandShake,” the new system is being developed by Virginia-based Veritas Scientific, and can track blood flow in the brain while analyzing electromagnetic signals to determine how likely someone is to harbor anti-American views – as well as the possibility that they would act on them.

According to Defense One, the system works like so: The military would place a special helmet onto an Iraqi or Afghan soldier and guide them through a variety of tests, one of which would be composed of image recognition. Some would depict key locations, faces of other people, or possibly bomb parts, but it would be vital to choose very specific images in order to limit potentially inaccurate readings.

The key to the whole operation lies in the P300 response, which was described as a “200 to 500 microsecond hiccup” that occurs when you recognize a picture “of emotional significance.” Since this reaction takes place too quickly to be guarded against, the data can be especially helpful to those in the armed forces. All this information is fed through an algorithm called “Friend or Foe,” which can determine the likelihood that someone would act on traitorous instincts with an accuracy rate between 80 and 95 percent.

Speaking with the Futurist magazine, Veritas Scientific founder Eric Elbot described some of the obstacles that went into designing HandShake. Simply showing someone an image of an improvised explosive device, for example, would not necessarily help in determining risk.

“But if I flash you a picture of a diagram that shows you how to build an IED, that would be a pretty strong indicator that you might be a foe,” he said. “You wouldn’t be studying how to make an IED if you were a friend.”

“Some of it is to relax the mind. The full nature of the interaction is about a balance between what the brain will or will not react to and then finding a pattern.”

Elbot added that the technology could even be adapted to analyze reactions to various sound and smells.

The HandShake enters headlines as the US military expresses concern over assisting security forces in Iraq due to the threat of insider attacks. A New York Times report earlier this week revealed the Pentagon’s belief that US advisers in Iraq are at risk from Sunni extremists who have infiltrated the army or pro-Iran Shiite soldiers. Insider attacks in Afghanistan have also risen over the last few years, with 61 NATO troops dying in 2012 as a result.

Still, employing technology like the HandShake won’t be easy or cheap. Elbot told Defense One that adapting the system for Iraq would cost $1.2 million over two months. Another $1.6 million would be needed for software and software, tests, and establishing the operation. Once set up, maintaining the whole thing would cost about $500,000 a month for each site it’s used.

“The US is engaged in a dangerous multi-fronted, contradiction-loaded, counter-intuitive game [in Iraq],” he added. “Our technology if it were fully tested would be up to this sort of advanced challenge. I can assure you that we would do the best to work under these time and battlefield conditions and that we can make a major difference in managing complex inputs and outcomes.”

This isn’t the only brain-scanning technology the Pentagon is interested in, however. Last year, a new undertaking by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency called for research into technology that would allow the military to scan the brains of puppies so that officials can identify which dogs would be most ideal to train for military operations.

“The objective of this effort is two-fold; first, to optimize the selection of ideal service dogs, both in operational military and therapy environments, and second, to use real-time neural feedback to optimize canine training, shortening training duration, reducing costs, and increasing learned responses.”

Double grief: Australian family loses loved ones in both Malaysian plane tragedies

Wreckage from the nose section of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 plane which was downed on Thursday is seen near the village of Rozsypne, in the Donetsk region July 18, 2014 (Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev)

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Irene and George Burrows’ son Rodney and his wife Mary vanished together with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 this March, leaving their family in grief.

But just a few months later, the couple from Biloela in Queensland State took another blow, with their step-granddaughter, Maree Rizk, and her husband Albert being among the passengers of the crashed MH17 flight.

“It’s just brought everyone, everything back,” Rodney’s brother Greg Burrows told AP. “It’s just … ripped our guts again.”

Despite the double tragedy, Burrows stressed that he holds no grudges against the Malaysia Airlines. “Nobody could predict they were going to get shot down,” he said. “That was out of their hands.”

Maree and Albert were returning from a month-long holiday in Europe and reportedly tried to change their flight to avoid a long stop-over. The couple in their mid-50s, who had two children, were among the 28 Australian citizens onboard the MH17 plane.

“They were very lovely people,” Phil Lithgow, president of the Sunbury Football Club, with which the Rizk family was heavily involved. “You wouldn’t hear a bad word about them — very generous with their time in the community, very community-minded, and just really very entertaining people to be with.”

Albert, who worked as a real estate agent, was a member of the club’s committee, Maree was a volunteer in the canteen and their son, James, plays on the team.

The Sunbury members plan to wear black armbands and have a minute of silence to commemorate the Rizks during their next match on Saturday, Lithgow added.

Hume City councilor, Jack Ogilvie, also said the community was stunned by what happened to Maree and Albert Rizk.

”We are all shaking our head in shock,” Ogilvie is cited by the Sydney morning Herald. ”They were fantastic people. Albert was one of the guys, who was always the life of the party.”

The Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 carrying 298 people on board crashed on Thursday as it was flying over Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, the scene of heavy fighting between the government and local anti-government militias.

The plane was apparently shot down by a surface-to-air missile, although both Kiev and the militias from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic deny responsibility and blame each other for the tragedy.