FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!In the video below there is a lot of information about the coming dollar collapse and how we are so close to a war with Russia contrary to what Obamya says this is the cold war. Welcome to the cold war part 2. This could go hot in a few short minutes (days) however there is still this missing plane that everybody is talking about instead of the incidents going on in Ukraine. Please watch for more information.

As we said in the video we would like to go and report on events on a hands on basis. We havent begun a very big list but we are going to start with 2. Those two are W.I.P.P incident and the Operation American Spring. We at freedom fighters have devoted our lives to bringing you the truth in all this chaos and yes that means we are willing to go to a radiation hot zone to find out what is really going on versus what the mainstream is saying and the cover up that is going on. If you would like to donate to help us get there please do so because we are in need of it desperately to go and spread the word that this is going to be deadly. We must bust this information into the mainstream. However to do our investigation of this incident fully we do need a video recorder, we don’t have one. As well as traveling costs. You will get what you pay for that’s a promise even if we get arrested. This incident is to big to not have been covered by every news agency in America. They have failed us and we will not continually stand idly by while our air we breathe is contaminated.

List of things we have to get to get the best results
-Video Recorder
-Radiation Detector

The second event we would like to go to so far is the Operation American Spring.This protest needs to be reported on, it has been planned by the Veterans and we people should show our support. Since we can go ahead and count on the fact that no news station will be covering this we would like to go and show our support at Freedom Fighters! No we have not joined any group we just want to get the word out to everyone that something has to be done in Washington. Even if it is us just removing the puppets for a short time.

Because all of the above does cost money to get places that is why we are asking for donations to help us get there and get back safely. So any donations would help us get to New Mexico and to Washington D.C to report on what is going on in our world! Thanks for your help God Bless All Of YOU!!!
Here we are staring down the barrel of the total collapse of the world, and most are still to busy playing with their cell phones, and worrying about things that we could loose tomorrow. Please help us get to more people by sharing this and donating if you can! We need help getting the word out. Not only that if you would like to help us spread the word with flyers at the top of this page is a tab just so you can share the word and fight the good fight of faith. Thanks to all who donate it is greatly appreciated! God Bless! Help keep this going! Thank you again if you do, please only donate if you are able! God Bless!

Thanks for taking a gander at all the news I have compiled here as always Stay Safe!
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I better get to the good news. The good news is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Give your life to Jesus Christ today and find a better tomorrow than you could have ever imagined!
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