A militia claiming to be members of La Raza, the illegal immigration activist group, have run the citizens of Sarita, Texas out of their town, claiming it as their own. Witnesses say a mob of over one hundred Hispanic terrorists descended upon the quaint community during the dead of night. There are reports of the criminals pulling people from their homes, rounding them up in the streets and escorted them to the edge of town. The terrorists then left the traumatized civilians was a message for President Obama: “Let your President know that we are reclaiming what is rightfully ours. Sarita belongs to La Raza.” (Source) It is unknown at this time if anyone was injured during the raid, but the militia is said to be armed with military grade weapons. Currently, law enforcement officials are unable to reclaim the city of Sarita, Texas, as their numbers have been spread thin due to the increasing border crisis. Detective Joshua Herberger of Corpus Christi’s gang enforcement unit, theorized on what the group’s intentions are. “I believe that this group is using the town to advance three primary goals. One: To smuggle drugs, prostitutes and other members of their gang into our country. Two: To serve as a “raid base” from which they can spread further into the surrounding areas, and three: Using the community’s resources to sustain their various operation. If they are not removed soon, it will become exponentially more difficult to evict them in the near future.”


82 Shot, Chicago Considered War Zone, Military Deployed

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has called on the assistance of the United States military to help patrol the blood-soaked streets of Chicago. The unprecedented move is one step away from declaring total martial law in the nation’s third most populous city.

During 4th of July weekend, 82 people were shot in an 84 hour period, with a total of 14 succumbing to their injuries.  Though the number of murders has fallen drastically since the 1990′s, the violence in Chicago seems to be increasing dramatically.

“It’s groundhog day here in Chicago again,” Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said this morning,  in a statement that touched on the violent weekend.  “The results were a lot of shootings and a lot of murders unfortunately,” he said. “Yesterday was the day that really blew it up for us in our strategy.”

With their failing strategies to protect the public, city officials will now go in a different direction and call upon the services of the National Guard.

The U.S. military will act as a liaison for the Chicago Police Department and will not be given free reign to enforce the law, at least at this moment.

The city, which has been given the nickname “Chiraq” because of it’s violent present, will now see increased police presence and armed guards in dangerous neighborhoods.