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Thanks for checking out our website! We decided to create this website and ministry in 2013 after we were awoken by the Lord.  Our goal is to get the truth out to as many people as possible. It is time to awaken the people of the world from their slumber. So much goes on in the world everyday. Though we may miss a few things here and there, we will do our best to provide you the most up to date news. We  always include a prayer in our videos and reports. We hope to have these prayers get to as many people as possible. If you are not saved by Jesus Christ and wish to pray with us, please message us we would be happy to pray with you. In these end times it is so important to put faith in our Lord and savior.  God bless all of our subscribers and supporters! They  are what keep this ministry alive and going. Thank you all!  



Hope is a strong word, hope is what we feel when something goes wrong in our lives and we smile and say things will get better.
hope is what gets us through the dark days and long nights
hope is the driving force behind our smiles, and laughs when caught up in a rut
hope is Jesus Christ
the hope that brings all of us to our knees and we ask and beg and plead for it to get better
hope makes things better when we are weak
it  is beautiful
it is love
it is belief
it is knowing god always saves the day
it is how we move on, become strong, and stand tall
so.. whats your hope in?
hope in Jesus Christ is the answer to every problem
hope in the lord that he returns, and saves the day.
Jesus should be our hope because if we make him our hope we grow, we love, we laugh, we overcome,
are you an over comer, a laughter, a lover, a fighter?
then wheres your hope?
hope on the lords return and salvage today and place the anger away, because everyday is a new day and yesterday is long gone thank the lord for the hope to go on!

BASIC TESTIMONY, as I get more time I will write more into it.

My name is Nate Brown, I grew up in Indiana I have a very small family all which have turned there back on me. I grew up in a lukewarm christian home, went to Heritage Christian School and learned how to party. I became an alcoholic at the age of 18. I never knew I was an alcoholic till I had been through so many bad situations that I felt actually called by the Lord to put the drink down. I am going to refrain from sharing all the troubles I was in and just keep it brief because I would be writing a book then. When God originally called me to be saved I still had not quit drinking and I never knew anything about deliverance, I was drinking heavily thinking all was good because I had gotten saved until I had a very bad night, and the next day I felt guilty for the first time in awhile. My wife then read a verse to me and I became dizzy and lost balance, I had no hangover or anything I never used to get hangovers. This strange feeling made me want to get right and put it all down. I went down stairs to where I had the last bottle and I poured it down the drain I said to myself and God that this was it. I began doing research on deliverance and how Christians got rid of their addiction problems and I found somethings that where very powerful and I began to read them and again I would get sort of dizzy like something needed to come out. Eventually the urges to drink stopped because I had let God in and Jesus delivered me from the hands of my self. I say the hands of myself because there was a demon in me that would only cause me to harm myself by drinking and living in sin. So from then on began our story with the Lord our walk and our research kicked off a little more with a bang than you might think. I used to be a cook and a salesman little did I know that was about to change.
My wife and I awoke to the truth back in March of 2013. We started learning about the occults and the shadow government and quite a bit more than that. We have been forced out of 2 apartments, this is going to sound nuts but it is the truth, We started out in our first apartment together and thats where we began our journey with God and the truth. At the first apartment we found an occult sex slave ring that was underground (as you can imagine no one was pleased that we knew) we had no other choices at that time, so we stuck it out and waited till the end of our lease thinking that the attacks would stop. Yes for curiosity sake the police where involved in it, we called twice to the police department begging for someone to come out there and help us. No one came. Now this was a very nice area that we lived in, like a very rich area.
– Proof that this was a real occult ring, there was a lady who lived below us and I personally saw her being dragged into her personal apartment by her hair by two nursing ladies, when we called the police they said it was her parents and that nothing was up, but when you hear a woman screeching and crying for help, and seeing her being dragged back into her apartment,  that is a sign that something is up.
After that we had many different times where we would leave and come home and the doors would be unlocked and call the office and oh you must have forgotten to lock the door so on and so forth. We had our back screen cut out, we lived on the second floor and the window had no access from the outside, but somehow there where finger prints which weren’t ours on the window sill and on the windows and we had proof they weren’t ours.
When we saw all of this of course we awoke immediately and started learning about all the events that had taken place in the past and how our government really runs so on and so forth. We learned who was behind it all and what was coming. We found out knowledge that certainly put us on the radar.
-Just another proving point after we moved out the FBI busted a high level prostitution ring in the exact complex we lived in. As you can imagine we both lost our jobs, and still are unable to be hired anywhere. I tried at a local Chipolte and they declined me, and my background is in cooking. I have cooked at many high level 800 plate a night type fine dine restaurants.

So we moved to a different apartment where we got extremely close to God and where still getting quite heavily attacked spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Then till one night we where sitting and researching like normal and then out of the blue we hear water leaking from the roof, and this was a very bad leak ( I still have pictures to prove it) So we called the apartment and they got someone out to clean up the water that had drenched everything. Three days later we are still drying out the apartment only to find black mold (looked like it had been painted on the walls and on the ceiling). We know for a fact that the leak was intentional. So we had to move and we don’t have much of a family but my dad who is a drunk ( a very bad drunk) let us stay with him.

We then began trying to expose the truth and started a YouTube channel and gained a lot of followers quickly. (you don’t understand how hard a lot of this is to say because I can’t afford much for my wife) So after about 2 months all was well at my dads house until he started texting me strange things like I have electricity running through my brain, and I think i have demons…. Strange things like that now my dad is not a christian so this was very odd. On the night of the last text of I have electricity running through my brain, he got home at like 3 am. Yes bad drunk. (But not like this, like get drunk and pass out). This was during one of the bad snow storms and there was about a foot on the ground in Indiana where we lived. We had gone out to look for his camaro to see if he was stuck. He was half way up the drive way screaming and yelling like an idiot with his shirt off threatening to kill me multiple times and beating my car with his fists and gave us an hour to get out.
So we left, God has shown me many miracles in all of this I just wanted everyone to see our basic testimony and how we became Christian Truthers. Life is very rough we have been hoteling it for quite awhile now. God has blessed us in so many ways with knowledge and helping others that it fills me with joy to know that I helped someone else. So if you read this and are struggling with anything demonically, addiction wise, please contact me I can help.


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