BIN: WAR! Ukraine Army Headed For Crimea! Pics/Video

If these reports are as represented, and they do appear to be, then the fact that this escalation is being ignored by both the Russian and the US Media suggests that both sides are probably complicent in staging these events to set up an attack on the USA! 

(Original report in Russian 3/8/2014)  (and also here)


KIEV Impending Military Action Against The Crimea


Deploying Ukrainian army group to strike the Crimea continues …


Nomination MLRS battalions “Hurricane” 27th Rocket Artillery Regiment from Sumy (16 guides caliber 220 mm, weight warhead up to 100 kg , max . Destruction range up to 35 km distance from Chaplinka to Perekopa – less than 30 km)


Unfortunately, all of the answers to the events in the Crimea – the new-found Kiev government has chosen the path of preparation for a military strike on the peninsula :


1. Acting as itself Defense Minister Admiral Tenyukh though born in Lviv region , but the design and conduct large-scale operation of ground troops engaged unable Panov Turchynov Paruby and Yatsenyuk (all implementing instructions are unconditional U.S. ) decided to entrust its implementation still retains three positions zamam defense minister. All three – generals Oleinik, Mozharovsky Babenko and the offer refused and were dismissed from their posts , the personnel had to close the gap by retired Colonel Peter Mehedi , the last post which was called ” the deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Defense .”


2 . Which of the Ukrainian generals agreed to take on the execution plan that resembles essentially the Georgian attack on South Ossetia , while not known for certain . However , if we take into account the hanging blocks active protection on tanks 1st Div. Tank Brigade ( Goncharov , Chernihiv region . ) , output of the places of permanent deployment to the south of the 26th Artillery Brigade ( Berdichev, Zhitomir region . ) , and the 27th Rocket Artillery Regiment (Sumy) , we can assume that the core of the strike group will be the 8th army Corps , under the command of Lieutenant-General Peter Litvin Mikhailovich.


3 . To blockade the Crimean isthmus deployed 79th separate airmobile brigade . To the south extends the 8th Army Corps ( Zhytomyr) , having in its composition two mechanized and armored brigades. May be involved part of the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade ( Dnepropetrovsk) , and other compounds from the 6th Army Corps (Dnepropetrovsk) . Grouping (depending on the outcome of the “work” with the command of formations and units ) can be created more than serious – up to two armored and four mechanized brigades with supporting artillery units , as well as airborne , airmobile brigade and regiment for special purposes .


4 . From a military point of view, what is happening is nothing but a preparation for the military offensive with the immediate task of capturing the isthmus and exit to the operating room and with the ultimate objective of release of permanent deployment of Ukrainian Armed Forces and military facilities . From a political point of view and mastery Jankoi Simferopol guarantees impossibility of Crimean referendum.