BREAKING: Martial Law drill going on in Flordia with FOREIGN TROOPS ON US SOIL!!!!

Well if it isn’t enough that we have illegal’s now able to sign up for our armed forces, then how about this bringing foreign troops in to train on US soil. How about we show them the ropes show the foreigners where the US’s weak points are and where we as a country are most vulnerouble. This is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which kept foreign troops off of our soil! Well folks here they are, and what does the crowd do cheer them on wake up America we have these laws for a reason. These types of violations should not be aloud anymore but with our tyrannical government they shall continue! 

Not to mention, the main stream media will cover this but how about the American people standing up for our rights where is the coverage on that, that’s right no where to be found!

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