BREAKING NEWS! Sci-Fi Becomes Reality: Scientists Successfully Change “Bad” Memories to “Good” Memories, #MindControl


For years, science-fiction writers have toyed with the idea of altering the memories of humans but now, this once impossible idea is about to become a reality.

According to research published in Nature, an academic periodical, scientists have successfully replaced “bad” memories with “good” memories in laboratory mice.  The successful experiment can be simplified as follows: similar to humans, mice have a section of their brain that deals with places and associations.  Mice were put in a specific place in a laboratory and then shocked multiple times: the association being, “bad things happen when I am in this place” and the mouse displays fear and distress whenever put in that place again.   Essentially, scientists have discovered a way to implant a “switch” that, when flipped, changes the association into a positive one, despite the mouse’s previous experience in that place.  Mice could then be put back in the original place where they previously experienced shocks and, after flipping the “switch” via a blue light, were less afraid and stressed.

What does this mean for humans?

Therapists already use a mild form of this memory transformation during talk therapy with patients who have survived trauma.  However, it is still up to the patient to re-associate a place or thing with something positive – it is a process that they consent to and actively engage in.  But science has never been able to literally change the memory in the brain, until now.

Though not yet ready for human trials, this new research hints at a dystopian future where scientists could change the way we remember and feel about things.  For example, if an unwanted dictator came to power and resisting rebels were captured, theoretically scientists could implant a similar switch in their brains, activating it upon sight of the dictator, thus flipping their “bad” memory into a favorable one.  Detractors could become supporters, enemies become friends, and threats become neutral.  In effect, if we don’t like something, they could MAKE us like it, MAKE us hate our families, MAKE us fight for something we don’t believe in.

Is this “switch” the micro-chip that some fear: has science discovered the secret to mind control?

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