BREAKING PLA Troops Descend on China Vietnam Border, Apocalyptic Ambition Kiev US nuclear deal

Chinese military delegation visits Cuba

The chief of the general staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is leading a delegation on an official visit to Cuba, state television here said.

Cuba’s top military officer, Gen. Alvaro Lopez Miera, on Sunday welcomed Gen. Fang Fenghui and the other visiting Chinese brass.

Fang placed a floral wreath to pay tribute to Cuban hero Antonio Maceo at his mausoleum in El Cacahual in Havana.

Later, the Chinese military officials reviewed a tank unit and attended a display of modernized combat equipment, according to the televised report on the visit.

The Chinese delegation is comprised of the head of the strategic military region of Senshan, the deputy naval commander and the air force chief of staff, among other officers.

Their visit comes less than a month after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited the island, which was his first stop on the Latin American tour he made with the objective of strengthening relations with the region and laying the groundwork for the visit of President Xi Jinping.

China is Cuba’s second-largest trade partner, after Venezuela, and – according to the latest official figures, bilateral exchange between the two nations amounted to $1.41 billion between January and August 2013, a 25 percent increase over the same period the year before. EFE

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