Breaking Riots have broken out in Spain, and the US retail store apocloypse! (VIDEO)

Yet another city has fallen to rioting and protesting as we see people begin to fight back. Here in the US all Americans are feeling the pain of the economy. Families are struggling to survive as food prices sky rocket. America, the time for protesting is now. The time to stand up is now! If we don’t we will all be left squashed under the foot of the globalist!

Spain & America

spainSpain is a beautiful place, the people are unique and so is the culture, however Spain has already been feeling the pain of the economy for quite some time now and finally the people begin to wake up and see the destruction that comes from a corrupt system, a corrupt global banking system! Spain is in turmoil and yet where are the Americans! Where are the real patriots, why aren’t they standing up as well! America all eyes are on you to help take down the banking cartel. We lead the world in freedom and patriotism but yet are still taking the sucker-punches of the global elites! is going on in Spain will be demonized by the media but really it is just a country that is fed up! Aren’t you fed up!? The world is watching to see how the people of America react to every single city that is in unrest and where are we? We should be leading the global protest against tyranny and corruption yet we lack the will of the warriors our forefathers where. We lack the ability to comprehend the fact that the dream world is not real! Wake up!





The funny part about what the mainstream says is that all of us are crazy! No, the conspiracy theorists are not crazy, the truthers aren’t crazy, the people aren’t crazy. We see what is going on and wish to heaven we could do more, the problem is everyone is broke! Earlier today the Washington Times wrote an article titled: Inside the Ring: Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens. This is what we have been telling you for a year now! Obama has his own army and the truthers know it! We have seen the signs and reported to you that there is something seriously wrong with this country at the moment! This kind of evil kills children and women and doesn’t bat an eye! The administration has even come out and said multiple statements: “We are just going to kill the dollar”. A former CIA director told a MSM outlet that “We kill people based on Meta Data” this stuff is not made up it is fact, and it is time for all of you everyone to wake up! Put aside our differences and fight, because if we don’t we face the worst consequences that are already beginning to knock on our door!

Freedomfighters2127 Video



Moving on from all of that lets look at these numbers. These are facts, this is the real retail apocalypse!


• Wal-Mart Profit Plunges By $220 Million as US Store Traffic Declines by 1.4%

• Target Profit Plunges by $80 Million, 16% Lower Than 2013, as Store Traffic Declines by 2.3%

• Sears Loses $358 Million in First Quarter as Comparable Store Sales at Sears Plunge by 7.8% and Sales at Kmart Plunge by 5.1%

• JC Penney Thrilled With Loss of Only $358 Million For the Quarter

• Kohl’s Operating Income Plunges by 17% as Comparable Sales Decline by 3.4%

• Costco Profit Declines by $84 Million as Comp Store Sales Only Increase by 2%

• Staples Profit Plunges by 44% as Sales Collapse and Closing Hundreds of Stores

• Gap Income Drops 22% as Same Store Sales Fall

• American Eagle Profits Tumble 86%, Will Close 150 Stores

• Aeropostale Losses $77 Million as Sales Collapse by 12%

• Best Buy Sales Decline by $300 Million as Margins Decline and Comparable Store Sales Decline by 1.3%

• Macy’s Profit Flat as Comparable Store Sales decline by 1.4%

• Dollar General Profit Plummets by 40% as Comp Store Sales Decline by 3.8%

• Urban Outfitters Earnings Collapse by 20% as Sales Stagnate

• McDonalds Earnings Fall by $66 Million as US Comp Sales Fall by 1.7%

• Darden Profit Collapses by 30% as Same Restaurant Sales Plunge by 5.6% and Company Selling Red Lobster

• TJX Misses Earnings Expectations as Sales & Earnings Flat

• Dick’s Misses Earnings Expectations as Golf Store Sales Plummet

• Home Depot Misses Earnings Expectations as Customer Traffic Only Rises by 2.2%

• Lowes Misses Earnings Expectations as Customer Traffic was Flat


The numbers don’t lie… people do.