Chinese Exports Collapse Leading To 2nd Largest Trade Deficit On Record


China plays the economic game very well. They have bought all the gold and silver in the world and still act broke. They are so good at acting that they actually declared a corporate bond default on March 5th 2014. The first of its kind. The question in that case is more to come from the “broke” country”. The answer is yes. They are doing their part to bring down the US currency because then China can raise their currency to the Reserve Status and take over the dollar. The US currency is backed by debt. China’s currency will be backed by gold and silver. With all this being said China is not sending as many exports out. This is going to lead to 2nd Largest trade deficit on record. Still don’t think that a collapse is on the horizon?


The issue with this increasing is that we are all going to be effected by China not exporting as many goods. With all these issues on the horizon, who knows where the dollar will be shortly. Probably back to where it is worth the most in the trash.


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