Matthew 24:20

But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

We are taking another look at preliminary forecasts for the Winter of 2014-2015. Buckle your seatbelts for a bumpy ride. My research has lead me beyond the forecast to a much deeper knowledge of the factors that come into play regarding the weather in general. However, I will focus on the Winter forecast in order to bring you some much needed answers, especially as we are aware that the cooler conditions will affect the possible spread of the dreaded Ebola virus.

Joe Bastardi is a meteorologist who forecasts for Weatherbell Analytics. I have included the latest interview with him concerning our Winter forecast. While I disagree with his roundabout negative references to people of faith included near the end of the video, I cannot argue that last year he was quote, “Spot on” when it came to the Winter weather he predicted. His prediction for the upcoming winter is not encouraging if you thought that this year would not be as extreme as last year. He states that we will have a “possible brutally cold Winter overall”. In addition, he claims that the Northeast will be snowier than normal.


I would also like for you to view the following video by Meteorologist Micheal Wilhite in which he asks the question, “Who do you believe?” Mr. Wilhite gives us a detailed explanation of how the weather is driven by many factors including El Nino and the jet stream. He believes that the almanacs are correct this time in predicting below normal temperatures. He informs us that the Eastern two-thirds of the nation will be very cold. In addition, he claims that the jet stream is exhibiting the same pattern as last winter and goes on to explain that this is the reason we had a cooler than normal summer. Mr. Wilhite says that the forecast is trending toward “snowy” with the same pattern as last year and goes so far as to predict that parts of the Mid to Eastern regions of the nation could be in a “deep freeze” as early as the end of October. He sums his forecast up with this quote, “Prepare for a long, cold Winter”.

So, as you can see according to the preliminary forecast, things are not looking good for the upcoming winter of 2014-2015. In my research, I discovered that there is much debate concerning even the preliminary forecast. The final winter outlook forecast will emerge at the end of this month.

I found another interesting bit of information while researching. You may be surprised to learn that the famed Weather Channel that we all turn to for trusted weather information has come up with a list of names for our winter storms that have not even occurred as of yet! Oh yes, my friends they actually have given them names already and winter has not even officially begun. I found this fascinating that they would assign names to major winter storms. In addition, they did this last year as well. In fact, last year was the first time that The Weather Channel did this. What does that tell us about the winter to come. Thank you to WOCHIT for the following video:


Did you find the names of some of the storms interesting? For a full list of the storm names and their meanings visit theweatherchannel.com.

Switching gears, I would like to present another aspect to our forecast. Geoengineering. For those of you who do not comprehend that term, it is also known as weather modification. In case many of you haven’t already noticed, we have had some of the strangest weather conditions for quite some time now. I would like for you to hear from Dane Wigington in a video published September 6, 2014:




Thank you to Mr. Wigington for this very important information. If you would like to know more about Geoengineering visit: www.geoengineeringwatch.org

In conclusion I would like to convey that I am certainly not a Meteorologist. However, considering all of the factors that are in play concerning the upcoming winter I cannot help but believe that we are in for another bad one. Take heart and look to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. He will lead you into all understanding if you only ask it of Him.

I pray that you will take the information presented in this article into consideration as the end of October approaches. Please prepare. We do not have a crystal ball nor would we use one if we did but we can prepare now and not be caught unawares by circumstances beyond our control. With the current rash of illnesses circulating particularly Ebola, we need to concentrate on being ready for the worst while we put our faith and trust in the Lord above. God bless you all.




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