Earthquake alert. Pressure building in the earth is Yellowstone about to blow? Is the New Madrid about to rip America to pieces?

Record amounts of seismic activity in Oklahoma, should be a huge sign that something is up. Not to mention all the earthquakes at Yellowstone that took place today. The second video is of the box protected camera shaking, going up and down, going side to side. The proof is there it is up to you to believe that Yellowstone is about to go. What is going on is the trolls, shills, and disinformation has been released onto the truth. Something that should alarm some, why if this is just the conspiracy theorists going nuts again, then why does CNN need to report that Yellowstone is not about to go off.

Something else that is quite odd. Does anybody else know that employees are being let go? A friend of mine told me that a woman and her mother had worked at Yellowstone for most of their lives and just recently about two months ago where let go and not to look here again. This is of course a big sign because it is proving truth about some concern. Not to mention it is almost spring time and where are all the employees setting up things at the park? So employees being let go, bison running down a road away from Yellowstone, as well as Elk not proof enough? That our government is covering up information about Yellowstone? The answer to that is yes. At the bottom are two videos that show the biggest difference between Bison migrating and Bison running for their lives.

Freedomfighters2127 Video of the recent earthquakes.

Freedomfighters2127 Video of Old faithful camera shaking.

Old faithful camera shaking hard continually for about 20 minutes by FREEDOMFIGHTERS2127

Tom Lupshu: Yellowstone Unzipping Sinkholes? Possible Evacuation?

This video coincides with, the story I told you about earlier the fact that employees are being released now this. Wake UP!



More cover ups mean more truth is out there. So the real question is of course why?