Feds paying to a million dollars to create a database to track Twitter “missinformation”

The Feds are at it again…

This time they are creating a database to “track hate speech and misinformation”. This is a violation of our first amendment rights. It is going to be used to help “stop misleading ideas” about political activity online. Basically it is going to be used to shut truthers, up. Almost every time they try something, we catch it. That has to stop in their book, they have to be able to complete their agenda and that means literally stop the free flow of information on the internet. Twitter is a great source of information, it is quick and easy to get things out, and quick and easy to leak news as well. If they stop the flow of that, there is a major problem. They can twist the situation into what they want out. They can make it propaganda instead of truth!

As far as “hate speech” the only kind of hate speech they are interested in stopping is against them. This is a one side policy, only what they want when they want. More nonsense coming from the political leaders now.

The Feds want us all to shut it!

This new “Truthy” device comes from none other than Indiana University. They have received so far $919,917 for this project. The federal government is all about keeping our mouths shut! When in reality the real disinformation campaign is created by them. In fact, the US government actually repealed the propaganda ban on July 2nd 2013. So from that point on, almost all news from the mainstream became propaganda. Most news we hear on the television supports forwarding an agenda. It all depends on what that agenda leads to, and this new “Truthy” machine is going to do the exact opposite of getting rid of misinformation!


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