Breaking an explosion in Moscow just days after MH17. This might be a diversion to divert the attention away from the crash. However this could also be another attempt to start a war done by none other than the USA. Things with this country are rapidly heading down hill and Obama is ready to start his war, yet nothing has come of it. That said, the next false flag might just be the last. The whole world is mad at Obama and his minions, and even more mad at America for not fighting back. The people that do fight back are being suppressed because of the media not showing their support so we will! Any footage of protests you all have please send to crusaders2127@gmail.com

Lets show these tyrannical leaders who really runs this country!

Moscow has an explosion, here is the tweet from LIFENEWS.

#СРОЧНО: В Бутове прогремел взрыв, на место выехали спасатели и медики pic.twitter.com/FO6Tjl0lho
— LIFENEWS (@lifenews_ru) July 19, 2014

This is beginning to look all to familiar because not only was there an explosion in Moscow, but now Russia just recently re-opened their old spy base in Cuba! As the proxy war spills over so does the USA, because our cup is full!

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