James Foley execution was STAGED! Proof that we are being lied to, and what this will lead to!

James Foley Hoax!

How many times has our government committed an act like the Foley beheading to start a war? Too many to count. This time is no different than the others; except Truthers aren’t the only ones saying this one was a hoax. In the Mainstream Media, experts are even coming out and saying it is a HOAX! The forensic analysis is proving that there is something else going on here! Jihadists are barbaric, brutal murderers and one sad thing is certain, they like to see blood. However in this beheading, there was no blood. This makes it a hoax, because when a beheading done there is a lot of blood. Now that we know it was faked, we must ask why? Watch Below for your answer!


More proof! It is one thing to say the beheading was faked. However it is another to show that it wasn’t even James Foley!james foleyThis is utterly ground breaking! Could James Foley’s sister be the actress from Sandy Hook? You decide!

Pictures used!

alexisraelfraud2 ann_foley_siblings_140822_16x9_992  gz53fb5c5d  sandyhook and foley
crisis-actorsOur government specializes in training “crisis actors” just look again at the pictures from Sandy Hook. Same person different locations, different “events”. Everything is used to push their agenda. So right after the “death of James Foley” came Obama’s “relentless” response.

Not only is Obama golfing while the world burns, he is not taking care of the ISIS problem. Directly after the hoax took place, ISIS began threatening Ameicans. It has gone so far that ISIS leaders are calling “lone jihadists” to strike Las Vegas! This whole thing has been planned for another attack on the USA homeland, which will bring about Martial Law! Accroding to a US General we should be at our highest level of readiness and that is DEFCON 1.

DEFCON 1 Has never been declared, and now there are warnings that we should be on that alert level! Now do you see the agenda behind the James Foley hoax. Obama “retaliated and retreated” now ISIS thinks they can hit the homeland. Stay aware, the world is spinning out of control.

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4 thoughts on “James Foley execution was STAGED! Proof that we are being lied to, and what this will lead to!

  1. I just saw your YouTube video on the Foley sister crisis actor and you are right! I took several screen shots of her in each interview and matched the best two. It took a while but I was able to get the sizing between the two images to match the eye spacing and correcting for the tilt and angle between the two pictures, I placed one image on top of the other in a simple photo editing program and simply slid the transparency setting of the top picture back and forth to create a fade in/out effect. Everything lined up perfectly! This is the same girl! Please note I had to flip one of the images before resizing it to match the spacing between the eyes of the first picture. And then rotate the image slightly to match everything up. EVERYTHING lined up perfectly! Eyes, nose, chin, teeth, everything! This is the same girl. When you update your video make sure to use these adjustments to match the two images. That’s where everyone is getting hung up on the differences. The two heads are perfect matches! But your two examples are from different angles, sizes, and facial expressions. She has a very pronounced jaw, so make sure to match images where both show her with closed mouth, and another two with the open mouth to match the teeth. It’s a perfect match! Good luck, we need to get this out there…

  2. Also note the two hairstyles. One is flat/limp laying close to the face, The other is fuller with more body. Match the two images based on the spacing of the eyes, nose, chin, top teeth (when smiling/speaking). Ignore the hairstyle it’s whats throwing off most viewers. Resize one of the images to match the geometry of the facial features, and there can be no doubt this is the same girl. Sliding the transparency between the two images then shows on the hair will change. Everything else stays the same. Good luck.

  3. I will call these 2, sissy (sister) and sandy (sandyhook). Sissy looks cuter than hell. She does have a similar build, but a younger prettier face. The bottom rim of her eyes are round like a smile. Sandy’s eye bottoms are more arched upward and she is fatter in the face near the bottom of the lips level and she looks older, too. She is not anywhere near as cute. There is an age difference between the 2. That said, if you did not have them side by side, then you might mistake them for being the same. That both are so similar suggests a deliberate design to do this. But to me, they are day and night different. But that’s just me.
    Consider this book: The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds by Pat Shannan (2013)
    Spy agencies have long found it useful to have look-alike agents, one often being a dupe, or to enable alibies or to let one slip away for a secret meeting, etc. Leaders often have look a likes as diversions, etc.
    But that these 2 do have such similar features can not be an accident, both being parts of hoaxes. Someone wants us to think they are the same. But being wise to their look-a-like schemes will make us a little more careful in our analysis.