Major Disarmament of Americans imminent! Watch now! Get Ready!

This is the USA, we have rights, now our rights are being threatened. The main right that is being threatened is the one where we can stop tyrants from owning our lives. Our second amendment is being threatened! This is a job opening on an official UN website! This is Major… Please Spread far and Wide!


Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer P-4 34627 Political, Peace and Security Rule of Law Department of Peacekeeping Operations NEW YORK 26/07/2014

Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer

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Company: None

Location: NY

Date Posted: June, 3 2014

Source: IvyExec

These positions are located in field missions of Peace Operations. The DDR Officer typically reports to the head of a work unit or to a senior official responsible for DDR operations in a field location, though this may vary depending on the mission structure. The focus of these jobs is to lead the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of DDR programmes, operations and other related activities in the country or region concerned. Responsibilities Within delegated authority, the Programme Officer will be responsible for the following duties:(a) Act as a Focal Point for DDR components for 2-3 missions, responsible for planning, support to implementation and evaluation
• Participate in DPKO and Integrated Task Force planning meetings for the establishment of a new peacekeeping mission with a potential DDR component;
• Provide technical assistance to peace negotiations;
• Participate in technical assessment missions;
• Advise, develop and review (as appropriate) initial DDR …

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2 thoughts on “Major Disarmament of Americans imminent! Watch now! Get Ready!

  1. I know that this is serious now Nate….your video on this is “un available due to 3rd party usage.” You know what we are headed for just the same as I, and MANY others do. Thanks brother for your diligent hard work to keep us informed on very important and serious issues.