The Proof Is In The Past.

Written by: Nate

The Malaysia plane should be returning shortly for some false flag event maybe this is how they bring their alien agenda into it all. A plane disappearing is practically impossible these days, even a person going truthfully missing is almost impossible. So this whole plane has been gone for 4 days now and there is no proof of where it went is quite unbelievable. What reality says is that the satellites above Earth would have spotted that plane vanishing, unless it is at the bottom of the ocean. Well they have looked at the bottom of the ocean and it is no where to be found. However there are rumors of an attack on the plane, but that would mean the plane disintegrated. Which leads to the conclusion that it either was a test of alien technology or it will return and all the passengers will be “enlightened” by the BS light of lucifer the devil.

Some very peculiar things took place a few days after the mysterious plane disappearance.

For anyone who hasn’t flown on a plane, the flight attendants ask everyone to turn off their phones. This is just standard policy so the phones don’t mess with radio frequencies to the control towers. The reason why this is mentioned is because the people must have landed somewhere in the original area, why? Well because a few of the family members tried to call the passengers phones and they are still ringing! That says enough right there. So the phones of missing people on a flight over international borders are still ringing. Well that means they either left their phones at the airport or they never truly went missing, or the whole thing was planned. Below is a story about a wife whose husband left his watch and wedding band to her in case anything where to happen to him. YOU NEVER TAKE A WEDDING BAND OFF UNLESS YOUR CLEANING A DRAIN!

Agony of the wife whose husband gave her his wedding ring and watch before boarding missing flight MH370 ‘in case something should happen to him’

  • Paul Weeks was on the missing flight as he made his way to a new job
  • Before leaving he had taken ‘lots of photos’ of his family, his wife has said
  • She said he left her his wedding ring and watch in case something happened
  • She has said she ‘can’t give up hope… I would love him to walk through that door’


Whether or not you believe the original story we all need to think outside the box on this one because of how many different possibilities there could be. Another possibility is these stolen passports by the Iranians. As well as Iran being in the news. They are in the news for illegal shipments of weapons, Israel intercepted a vessel full of missiles and other weapons. Big FALSE FLAG alert there, Israel has been wanting to wipe Iran off the map and it is not right for them to attack like that whether or not you are backing Israel with your faith, Israel has been divorced by God like an adulteress. For more on the bride of Christ read here. This is just like the supposed Iranian ships off the US coast. They are not on the map.

Being how close we are to end times, this is my final theory, that this is how they are going to stage the false rapture and the coming of the Antichrist. If Alien technology was involved then this could be just a test of how to make people disappear, body and soul just like what people think will take place in the rapture. So then they would bring in the devil and say he is god and so on and so forth. Just as the bible describes will happen. When really those people who will disappear will be because they will be sacrificed to bring him in. Awake, awake, awake to what is really going on before it is to late. Get saved by the TRUE living God JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH and start fighting the Spiritual Warfare that we are called to fight!
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