Obama Has Been Given Killswitch to the Entire Communication System

Obama has been given the “kill-switch”, which means that he not only has the kill switch to the economy, the power grid, but now also the communication system. This is a very strange move because if you where going to cut off the power why would you need it? Why would you grab this if the lights where going to go out, there would be no way to power anything that runs the radio stations. This brings up the point, they are trying to avoid a power grid down situation for a while. They still need it to power all of their toys. For example, the cell phone towers are used to magnify radio frequency attacks. Why would they shut them off if they aren’t finished using them? They wouldn’t, plain and simple. However there is for sure one thing they will do, and that is bombard the communication system and take it over. This video explains exactly the years prior to this. It is very important to know all of it because everything is coming to a head, and is happening before our eyes as of right now! Wake Up before they take us all off the air.

Not to mention the facts that show this is a dictatorial move, Obama has become so much more than a narcissist, he has become just down right evil! Yesterday he banned some guns, and looking at some gun pages on facebook people already know and are selling all of their ak-47’s and saiga shotguns quickly. They are doing this because the rifles are so cheap yet durable. It is the same with the Mossin Nagant Rifle, watch out for the banning of that one as well. Why? because it is so cheap to shoot and so reliable. So when they hit that “kill-switch” and take over the entire broadcasting system, we have to move quickly.

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