Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren’t “Fresh” – 7.18.14

The Associated Press article floating around the mainstream media in source after source (surely before it gets buried forever) is simply titled, “Rebel Leader Gives Bizarre Account of Plane Crash”. How bizarre, exactly?   Of course, the commander will be … Continue reading

Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren’t “Fresh”

7.18.14 –   Rebel Leader Says Many of the Dead Bodies in MH17 Weren’t “Fresh” The Associated Press article floating around the mainstream media in source after source (surely before it gets buried forever) is simply titled, “Rebel Leader Gives Bizarre … Continue reading

Multiple universes? Now we can test for them!

Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) has produced a new, more detailed picture of the infant universe shown in this image released on March 16, 2006. Colors indicate

There is testable science, and then there is fantasy and beautiful fairytales. Mathew Johnson of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics has a mission to take on one of the most impossible beliefs of the latter and place it firmly in the former category.

Johnson’s tactic is quite simply to establish a way of testing for different scenarios of how universes might collide, if they exist. He develops a computer model that simulates collision of physical bubble-like objects on a small, workable scale.

The metaphor for the multiverse used in the study is then quite similar to ordinary, observable processes here on Earth.

Imagine watching a pot of boiling water slowly simmer and form bubbles. Some of these bubbles grow into bigger ones, others split up, bump into each other, interact etc. This is what proponents of the multiverse theory believe about the vacuum, which they say came before the Big Bang: an empty field full of energy that had nowhere to go, and thus began creating bubbles – universes, that began to collide with each other and interact in different ways. They represented the totality of every dimension we have come to know – space, time, all the constants and physical laws.

In short, we are in a cappuccino foam of universes. Scientists believe this is so due to what we call cosmic inflation – a process by which the cosmos has been expanding after the purported Big Bang. Not everyone believes the theory, but it’s the most popular, and explains a large quantity of otherwise inexplicable space phenomena. It holds as its central thesis that after the pop, the universe expanded billions of light years across in a microscopic fraction of a second.

But even if dominant, the force behind the inflation still has to be proven. We take for a given that that force, known as vacuum energy, exists.

There are many different variations on the multiverse theme, but they all are limited by our inability to observe them empirically.

“That’s what this research program is all about,” Johnson writes. “We’re trying to find out what the testable predictions of this picture would be, and then going out and looking for them.”

As a starting point he uses a model that requires the collision of only two universes in some way or another. What makes this model simple is that we assume that the collision will have all the physical properties of two bubbles colliding in real life. Johnson uses a computer to see how they would interact.

“We collide the bubbles on a computer to figure out what happens, and then we stick a virtual observer in various places and ask what that observer would see from there,” he says.

“All I need is gravity and the stuff that makes the bubbles up. We’re now at the point where if you have a favorite model of the multiverse, I can stick it on a computer and tell you what you should see,” Johnson explains.

The leap here is in that the computer simulation can in this way rule out certain existing multiverse models. Johnson has already made headway in estimating how an instance of two universes colliding would behave at the microwave dimension – “a disk in the sky” for instance.

No predictions have yet come to fruition. However, this is the first time anyone has attempted to quantify these reactions. And ruling out certain results leaves other scenarios more likely to happen. Moreover, these computer models expose the likelihood of testing the behavior of bubble collisions at all, and that makes them a huge leap for physics and astronomy.

‘Somebody watching over us’: British family cheats death on flight MH17

An aircraft of Malaysian Airlines flight MH017 departs from Schiphol Airport The Netherlands, to Kuala Lumpur, on July 2014, a day after a Malaysian Airlines flight crashed in eastern Ukraine with 298 people onboard, among them 173 Dutch passengers (AFP Photo)

Barry and Izzy Sim, from Scotland, were planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur with their young baby, when they were denied access to the flight by staff at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

Izzy Sim told the Daily Telegraph that there ‘must have been someone watching over’ them as they were switched to another flight, hours before the MH17 was allegedly shot down by a missile in Eastern Ukraine.

The couple, who say they are ‘loyal customers’ of Malaysia Airlines, said that they were ‘so glad’ they didn’t board the plane, and that they ‘felt philosophical’ about what happened.

Asked about his reaction to the crash, Barry Sim said “You get this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach… We started getting butterflies. Your heartbeat starts going.”

Flight MH17, which was flying to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, lost contact over Eastern Ukraine. It is believed that it may have been shot down by a missile, although both local militia and the Kiev government have denied responsibility.

All 298 passengers on the plane are believed to have died, including 173 Dutch citizens and up to 10 Britons.

Following the crash on Thursday, airlines were advised to cease flights over the region, prompting many planes in the air to reroute away from Ukraine.

The International Civil Aviation Organization suggested pilots consider ‘alternative routes’ in light of safety risks.

Further warnings were given by Eurocontrol, who strongly advised airliners to avoid the Ukrainian airspace.

Obesity to be classed as disability, top euro judge rules

Reuters / Lucas Jackson

The chief legal adviser to the European Court of Justice, Niilo Jaaskinen, said it was ‘unlawful’ to discriminate against a person if their weight affects their work, as they would technically be classified as disabled.

He also argued that “extreme, severe and morbid obesity” prevents staff from “participation in professional life.”

The test case comes following a claim by Karsten Kaltoft, a Danish childminder who was dismissed by the local city council in 2010 for reportedly being unable to bend down and tie his shoelaces. Kaltoft weight more than 160kg at the time of the claim.

The judgment, which will be considered by senior judges at the full court in coming months, is likely to affect anyone classified as severely, or morbidly obese, and under the Equality Act 2010.

If passed, bosses would not be allowed to treat grossly overweight staff less favorably.

Kaltoft, whose BMI is a whopping 54, argued at the European Court of Justice that he lost his job with Billund City Council because of his weight. However, the council disputes this.

But businesses have warned that if passed into law, the ruling would have disproportionate impact on them.

“This decision shifts the burden of keeping those who are severely obese in the workforce to employers, who must make adjustments to accommodate any special requirements arising from a person’s disability,” said Nicola Rabson, of law firm Linklaters.

“Obesity, particularly severe obesity, can be a sensitive subject, so employers will have to tread carefully and not make assumptions about the needs of an obese worker.”

Others have warned that businesses will endure even higher costs in providing specialist equipment and healthcare provisions for employees deemed obese.

In Britain, 64 percent of adults are classified as overweight or obese, and it is estimated that obesity costs the NHS 5 billion pounds a year.

According to the National Obesity Forum, current trends suggest that nearly half the UK population will be severely overweight by 2050.

​Biggest Tory strike crackdown since Thatcher

Striking public sector workers protest in Trafalgar Square in central London July 10, 2014 (Reuters / Stefan Wermuth)

Following a recent walk-out by almost a million public sector workers, Prime Minister David Cameron issued a clear signal he would endorse stricter legislation governing strike action in the UK.

His rhetoric has already influenced the Conservative party’s manifesto for next May’s general election, which is coloured by far-reaching policy changes designed to make the organization and attendance of industrial strikes more difficult in Britain.

In light of these developments, Cameron has been brandished a “Bullingdon bully” by Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey.

“The whiff of hypocrisy coming from Cameron as he harps on about voting thresholds is overwhelming. Not a single member of his cabinet won over 50% of the vote in the 2010 election, with Cameron himself getting just 43% of the potential vote”, Mc Cluskey stated last week.

Unite recently published an opinion poll highlighting a growing public distaste for criticism directed at unions. The survey revealed that a majority of the British public endorsed workers’ right to strike in the most recent dispute, backed a £1 per hour pay rise for council workers, and opposed public sector pay cuts.

Despite this telling tide of public opinion, Cameron’s party believes a pledge to introduce regulatory changes to mitigate industrial strike action will prove popular amongst potential voters.

Under this policy shift outlined on Friday, the Tories made an array of promises. Such measures include making industrial strikes illegal unless unions secure a 50 per cent vote in ballot form in favour of such action, reforming protest regulations, criminalising illegal picketing, and doubling the notice unions must offer employers prior to striking.

The Guardian: Unions furious at Tory plan to make it more difficult for workers to strike.

— OldUnclePunch (@OldUnclePunch) July 18, 2014

The cabinet office minister, Francis Maude, stated he had formerly warned that intensified efforts on behalf of union leaders to push for “disruptive strike action without even persuading a majority of their members to vote” would provide a strong impetus to respond with concrete regulatory changes.

Defending the proposed policy shift, he added: “This sensible and proportionate package of reforms will help protect hardworking families and British businesses as part of our long-term plan to build a stronger economy”.

But Len McCluskey attacked the Tory’s proposal to tighten legislation governing strike action in the UK, stating:

“It is utter hypocrisy for the Government to talk about mandates for trade unions when not a single member of the present cabinet would have been elected using the same criteria. The fact is not a single councillor in England has won 50% of the electorate, not a single MEP has reached the 50% threshold, Boris Johnson scraped in with just 37% in 2008 and the Government’s flagship Police Crime Commissioner election gained a risible 17% of the vote”.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC), which campaigns on behalf of 54 affiliated unions representing millions of UK workers, also sharply criticized the proposed reforms on Friday highlighting Britain’s strike legislation is already “some of the toughest of any democracy”.

“You do not have to support every bit of industrial action to see that the right to strike is an important human right – and always one of the first things banned by any dictatorship”, a TUC spokesperson said.

The Congress concluded that the Tory’s proposed policy shift would breed inequality, ensuring “the fruits of recovery are reserved for the few and kept from the many”.

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Nearly two-thirds of asylum requests by illegal immigrant children immediately granted

A Central American immigrant and her children sit inside the so-called La Bestia (The Beast) cargo train, in an attempt to reach the Mexico-US border, in Arriaga, Chiapas state, Mexico on July 16, 2014. (AFP Photo / Elizabeth Ruiz)

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sent information to the House Judiciary Committee stating that 65 percent of the unaccompanied alien minors who had petitioned the US government for asylum were immediately granted approval, the legislative committee announced Friday.

In the first half of 2014, more than 52,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the Mexican border into the United States in southwest Texas. There has also been a sharp increase in mothers from Central America carrying their children across the border. These immigrants often turn themselves into Customs and Border Protection upon entering the country. The US government has been overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of people who must be housed, fed and seen by medical professionals while they await processing by Border Patrol agents and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Central American parents desperate to save their children from increasing violence from gangs and drug cartels are exploiting a loophole in a 2008 law designed to prevent human trafficking, knowing their children will remain in the US, according to ABC News.

“Salvadorans know that kids who make it to the U.S. can stick around for awhile with their families,” said Nick Phillips, who is based in El Salvador and serves a consultant for the Latin American Program at The Wilson Center.

At the end of June, Obama said that he wanted to change the law to treat the children flooding into the country from Central America the same way as minors from Mexico are treated, allowing the US government to send the children back to their home countries immediately.

The president also called for parents to stop sending their children north, as they might not even reach the US. “Our message absolutely is don’t send your children unaccompanied, on trains or through a bunch of smugglers,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News. “If they do make it, they’ll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it.”

At the beginning of July, CBP began a “Dangers Awareness Campaign” that involves hundreds of billboards and other public and print adverts across Central America and Mexico, as well as some 6,500 public service announcements for radio and TV, all intended to warn of the risks involved with trying to cross illegally into the US.

“The journey is dangerous; children will not get legal papers if they make it; and these children need to be protected because they are our future,” CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said at a press conference unveiling the ad campaign.

The information about asylum approval rates shows that the children are being allowed to stay with the government’s blessings, though. According to the USCIS report, nearly two-thirds of asylum applications are immediately approved. But that doesn’t mean that the 35 percent of unaccompanied alien minors who aren’t granted asylum right away will never get it

“This is just the first bite of the apple. Many more cases can be approved later,” the House Judiciary Committee statement said. “Where an asylum officer does not approve the application, it is then referred to an immigration judge where the applicant can try again. If that fails, they can continue to appeal their case. Once individuals are granted asylum, they have access to all major federal welfare programs.”

Just seven years ago, asylum approval rates by asylum officers were at 28 percent, and those by immigration judges were at 51 percent of cases. By 2013, officers’ approvals increased to 46 percent, and judges’ to 74 percent. The majority of asylum requests are now granted, the committee said, despite an internal Department of Homeland Security report that shows at least 70% of asylum cases contain proven or possible fraud.

The report doesn’t include illegal immigrants who never apply for asylum and try to disappear into the shadows, or who spend years in the country awaiting court dates, the Washington Times reported.

The House Judiciary chairman, Rep Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) blamed Obama for refusing to crack down on “rampant asylum fraud” or to implement tougher standards for preliminary asylum screenings.

“New data showing that the vast majority of Central Americans’ asylum claims are immediately approved will only worsen the situation along our southern border by encouraging more to come and take advantage of the situation,” Goodlatte said in the statement.

“Unfortunately,” he added, “[President Obama] makes the situation worse by refusing to enforce our immigration laws.”