The U.S Dollar MELTDOWN: The Currency War Enters Stage 2, Putin Flushes the US Dollar, Chinese Currency Trade in Major Financial Centers

March 31st, 2014


The Currency War, Stage 2, is already Manifest in another Way. Consider that the Economic/Financial Crises of the early 1930s were characterized by Bank Runs.   We are already seeing such runs this year in Crimea, Ukraine and Rural China.
Defaults in China have left Depositors understandably nervous. Deepcaster’s Forecast:there will be more Bank Runs and they will spread, eventually to the Eurozone and U.S.A.Physical Gold and Silver and Tangible Assets such as Energy and Agricultural Products will be the Investors’ Salvation.
Intensifying Currency Wars provide Opportunities and Threats for those who Track their Dynamic Effects on Key Markets.

In sum, underlying Key Fundamentals are quite weak. Indeed, Fundamentals and Jaws of Death Rising Bearish wedge and other Key Technicals “forecast” a Major Market Crash beginning soon – we communicate probable timing as we receive signals. It is important to consider the Indicators of Fundamental Economic Reality.


Indicator #1 – Q4 U.S. GDP was revised down to 2.4% from 3.2% — Not Bullish.

Indicator #2 – The Case – Shiller PE Ratio (Google it) reached 28 recently. But the Mean and Median since the 1880s is about 16. Historically, a reading as high as 28 indicates an Equities market which is grossly overvalued, and has typically resulted in a Crash.

Indicator #3 – Retail Sales, and Job Growth, and housing and Industrial Production have slowed.

Indicator #4 – Technically, as we have demonstrated in our recent Alerts, the Equities Markets are making Multi-year Tops, with all exhibiting Jaws of Death Patterns.

Indicator #5 – The Russia-China “Squeeze Play,” i.e., the Ukraine, is just aborning (see recent Alerts ).

Indicator #6 – Insider Selling is Heavy.

Indicator #7 – Margin Debt is near Record Highs.

The Currency War, Stage 2, is already Manifest in another Way. Consider that the Economic/Financial Crises of the early 1930s were characterized by Bank Runs.



China’s Renminbi Challenges US Dollar Hegemony? Chinese Currency Trade in Major Financial Centers

London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco Battle to Become Western Centers for Chinese Currency Trade

Germany, England, Canada and the U.S. are all vying to become Western centers for the Yuan trade.


Bloomberg reports today:

Germany’s Bundesbank and the People’s Bank of China agreed to cooperate in the clearing and settling of payments in renminbi, paving the way for Frankfurt to corner a share of the offshore market.


The central banks signed a memorandum of understanding in Berlin today, when Chinese President Xi Jinping met German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Frankfurt-based Bundesbank said in an e-mailed statement.

Germany’s financial capital prevailed over Paris and Luxembourg in a euro-area race to win trade in renminbi, which overtook the euro to become the second-most used currency in global trade finance in October, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.


Deutsche Boerse AG, which operates the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, also signed anagreement with Bank of China, expanding a partnership that will make it easier for Chinese issuers and Asian investors to access European capital markets, including stock listings.


German companies including Siemens AG, the country’s biggest engineering company, and Volkswagen AG are embracing the renminbi internally as a third currency for cross-border trade settlements.


Putin Flushes the US Dollar: Russia’s Gold Ruble Payments System Delinked from Dollar?

A New Financial System independent from Wall Street & city begins to take shape concretely in Russia?

Russia “forced” by the sanctions to create a system independent from the Dollar.  

Russia announces that it will sell (and buy) products and commodities – including oil – in rubles rather than in dollars. The move is towards the development of bilateral.

Putin has been preparing this move — the creation of a payment system in rubles completely independent and protected from the Dollar and the killer speculations of the big Western financial institutions — for a long time.

After sanctioning several Russian banks to punish Russia for Crimea, the Washington politicians were told by the financial power-to-be to step back because obviously, the Wall Street vampires understand that putting Russian banks outside the reach of their blood sucking teeth is never a good idea.

For Wall Street and the city’s financial services, countries like Russia should always have an open financial door through which their real economy can be periodically looted. So Washington announced that it was a mistake to enforce sanctions on all Russian banks; only one, the Rossiya bank shall be hit by sanctions, just for propaganda reasons and to make an example out of it.

It is what Putin needed. Since at least 2007, he was trying to launch an independent Ruble System, a financial system that would be based on Russia’s real economy and resources and guaranteed by its gold reserves. No  tolerance for looting and financial speculation: A peaceful move, but at the same time a declaration of independence that Wall Street will consider as a “declaration of war”.


Jim Willie: Currency Reset, Split dollar, Yuan convertibility very soon – part 1

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