The recent shaking at Yellowstone is abnormal. Anyone who will not admit that there is major activity going on at Yellowstone has lost their mind. Strange signs are pointing to the fact that there is an eruption right around the corner. But don’t take my word for it have a look for yourself!

3.2 2014/06/03 03:52:52 44.780N 110.764W 9.1 29 km (18 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.9 2014/06/03 03:52:31 44.807N 110.748W -3.4 26 km (16 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
2.7 2014/06/03 03:39:25 44.788N 110.760W 8.6 28 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
3.4 2014/06/03 03:33:27 44.796N 110.766W 10.3 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.1 2014/06/03 03:33:22 44.809N 110.757W 1.3 26 km (16 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
2.3 2014/06/02 14:19:45 44.784N 110.767W 4.6 28 km (18 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
2.4 2014/06/02 14:19:13 44.784N 110.768W 4.9 28 km (18 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.7 2014/06/02 05:24:18 44.782N 110.770W 4.7 29 km (18 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.0 2014/05/31 21:27:57 44.800N 110.767W 4.7 27 km (16 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
2.4 2014/05/31 21:13:12 44.791N 110.764W 4.1 28 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
2.4 2014/05/31 21:12:41 44.798N 110.772W 5.7 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.2 2014/05/31 21:06:25 44.802N 110.766W 4.6 26 km (16 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.8 2014/05/31 21:04:05 44.798N 110.769W 4.4 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.1 2014/05/31 20:12:29 44.792N 110.765W 4.5 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.1 2014/05/31 17:54:32 44.795N 110.768W 4.6 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
2.2 2014/05/31 17:52:24 44.786N 110.766W 4.4 28 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.2 2014/05/31 17:33:56 44.794N 110.769W 5.6 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
1.1 2014/05/31 17:30:56 44.798N 110.761W 6.2 27 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT
3.5 2014/05/31 16:25:00 44.791N 110.776W 4.7 28 km (17 mi) S of Gardiner, MT

This is what to look for, when Yellowstone starts to have higher level earthquakes above 3.0 frequently and those earthquakes are deep in the earth…that is when you should start getting alarmed. Today June 3rd 2014 we have had two above a 3.0 within 30 minutes of each other. Alarming earthquakes and Harmonic tremors are one and the same. Yellowstone is constantly shaking and becoming a worry even to the dead asleep! Have a look at all the activity going on at Yellowstone.
Screenshot (206) Screenshot (208) Screenshot (207)By looking at all of these pictures one can begin to see a trend. If you go back roughly 3 months, there won’t be this much shaking going on. Nor the increase in ground temperature, nor the increase in awareness of Yellowstone’s caldera. Yellowstone is close to popping just look at the maps, look at how covered up it is by mainstream media. Not to mention the animal activity in the area. All of this is worrisome. However do not be worried. Do not be afraid. God’s plan is coming into effect! The good news is that this to shall soon pass! In the meantime get ready!

Main Seismographs to watch:
1. Upper Falls
2. Mammoth Vault
3. Maple Creek
4. Madison River

Along with all of the activity at Yellowstone it seems our economy is due for a heavy shaking as well. So says about the next 4 days worth of meetings and data that will shake the markets! Not to mention the fact that the European Central Bank will be changing some of its policies. These policies are going to be ground shaking says Marketwatch. For more information about Yellowstone and the Economy please watch FreedomFighters2127 Video!

Apocalyptic Pictures from Tehran, Iran

This dust storm was approximately 80 mph. Killed 5 people and injured 30. These pictures below describe exactly what is going on around the world and that is the storm clouds are gathering right before our eyes. Can you see the apocalyptic storm dead ahead, and the unfortunate part is there is no jumping ship; there is only one way through this beast. Steer straight gentlemen, the engine has started and the motors revving! Will you be able to handle the massive title waves coming your way! Pictures courtesy of DailyMail.

Astonishing scene: A picture taken with a mobile phone shows a sandstorm engulfing the Iranian capital Tehran at 5.30pm local time (2pm BST) yesterday

Ferocious: The sky over Tehran turns thick with dust as a huge storm develops. Winds of up to 150 km/h were also reported were reported as the storm caused chaos in the city
A looming wall of dust descends on Tehran, Iran causing residents to run for cover and sparking chaotic scenes on the roads and at airports

Here it comes: The storm struck yesterday in Iran's capital Tehran, blacking out the sun in a swirling cloud for several minutes and tearing down trees

Dust storm: It caused a chain-reaction crash involving 20 vehicles on a highway south of the capital - and international flights were cancelled

Tehran engulfed: Air traffic controllers diverted several domestic flights and heavy winds also engulfed parts of central Iran, but no casualties were reported there

Danger: Authorities in Tehran asked children and the elderly, as well as those with heart problems, to remain indoors due to the dust

Poor visibility: The storm caused temporary power outages in some districts of Tehran and broke trees

Orange sky: The 80mph heavy dust storm, which is said to have killed five people and injured 30 more, created an apocalyptic scene
Getting out of the way: Pedestrians cross a street in Tehran, while a flash dust storm hits the Iranian capital

Death toll: State television reported that the storm killed five people, while Iran's official IRNA news agency said it killed four people


Links for the above video are on youtube site.

Thanks for taking a gander at all the news I have compiled here as always Stay Safe!
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