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Late night and morning news for April 7th 2014 Ukraine crisis is picking up steam… A lot of steam… While the rest of the world searches for the ping..

Breaking – Japan NE of Naze, Japan 4.7 magnitude earthquake Late last night there was an earthquake in the New Madrid region, in Tennessee of 3.1 magnitude. Also a Crimean…


BREAKING NEWS: Russian soldier kills Ukraine navy officer in Crimea – Ukrainian ministry

REUTERS – VIDEO AT BOTTOM Source: Reuters – Mon, 7 Apr 2014 08:09 AM Author: Reuters KIEV, April 7 (Reuters) – A Russian soldier has shot dead a Ukrainian naval…

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US Preparing to go to War With Putin Over Alaska: Alaskan Seperatists Petition To Leave US And Become Part Of russia (video and picture)

Russia’s “far abroad”: Alaska Much of the concern over where Putin might seek to march his soldiers next has focused on what Russian nationalists call their “near abroad,” i.e. the…

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US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar Busting Deal

ZERO HEDGE: On the heels of Russia’s potential “holy grail” gas deal with China, the news of a Russia-Iran oil “barter” deal, it appears the US is starting to get very concerned about its…


Morning broadcast for 04/03/2014 EARTHQUAKES VOLCANOES SOLAR FLARE AND MORE PSALM 39 40

Morning broadcast for 04/03/2014 YOUTUBE WILL BE LIVE AT 445AM EST PODCAST What a crazy world we live in! All though there is a way through this mess and that…



INVESTMENT WATCH The U.S Dollar MELTDOWN: The Currency War Enters Stage 2, Putin Flushes the US Dollar, Chinese Currency Trade in Major Financial Centers March 31st, 2014 THE CURRENCY WAR…

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Russia Launches Nuclear-War Drill, Saying It Was Long Scheduled

link Russia on Thursday began drilling for nuclear war in a massive, three-day exercise it asserts was planned months ago, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports. Roughly 10,000 military personnel were expected to…