The Big Bad Wolf’s Fundraiser: Obama, BBQ and Drones


Labor Day.  It’s a time of cook-outs, cheap beer, sunscreen, swimming pools and… drones?

While ISIS wreaks havoc in the Middle East and Putin marches on Ukraine, President Obama will be attending a BBQ fundraiser for the Democratic National Convention Labor Day weekend.  The fundraiser is being given by Robert Wolf, a demigod of the financial sector, in Purchase, NY.  The 250 expected guests have paid $32,000 per person for the BBQ, raising $8 million for the Democratic Party.

Given the circumstances of the pending war with ISIS and Putin’s invasion of Russia, attending a BBQ fundraiser seems as though it should be low-priority for our Commander-In-Chief.  But this BBQ has more to offer than hot dogs and fireworks: it has Wolf and his drones.

Wolf has had a meteoric career on Wall Street as Chairman and CEO of UBS Americas, the American branch of one of Switzerland’s largest banks.  During his time there, his close friendship with Obama was scrutinized as being suspect: according to the Wall Street Journal, as of January 2010, Wolf had visited the White House 20 times.  In 2009, while Wolf was still Chief Executive, UBS paid the U.S. government $780 million to settle claims by the Department of Justice for defrauding the Internal Revenue Service.  Wolf maintains that he is merely a “fundraiser” and “economic advisor,” despite his appointment to the Homeland Security Council’s Border Infrastructure Task Force in 2012.

After leaving UBS, Wolf founded 32 Advisors, a company which, according to their website, “provides a unique offering of highly tailored, independent cross-border advice on economic, strategic and financial issues to enhance and expand our clients’ capabilities and position them for success.”  Interestingly, 32 Advisors owns a company called Measure which specializes in drones.  They provide services to “domestic and international corporations, public entities, governments, financial services firms and high growth businesses [emphasis added].”

Is Wolf giving Obama “cross-border advice” on ISIS and Russia?  Will this meeting result in a new era of drones that are “better to hear you with, better to see you with” AND better to bomb you with?  As war looms, one thing is clear: The Big Bad Wolf is about to devour more than just grandma.

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