The Cyber war is beginning to show wear on the US network: Charter down, CME futures delayed, Israel gov. websites down!

Yesterday, we reported that there is a major threat to the US market via a cyber attack. Well, on Sunday 08/24/2014 the market showed major signs that they are being attacked. The CME futures had a delayed opening due to a supposed “computer glitch”. That is about as believable as the James Foley hoax. The cyber warfare is pumping, not only was that attack recorded, but there was another attack on Charter a major internet provider. A lot of people, millions where without internet for hours all across the nation. They say it is a “glitch” but it is because of a major DNS hack. Charter itself may never say there was a hack but its customers are saying that there was!

Last night, many people went into panic mode because the CME futures went down for hours. They also claim a “glitch” occurred. However, there are customers confirming that this was another attack. The people at charter are only allowed to say what the government allows them to. Now, when you get customer service representatives leaking that there was an attack that’s when you know we have a big problem. How many other attacks are we under? How many systems are down? Well, another big network is under attack and that is the PSN and Xbox Live network. They also are recording major outages, and even more people can’t get their game on.

Why is this major?

We have be warned by many different leaks from ex-government officials saying that the entire grid could go down because of a massive cyber attack. This gets worse. It is one thing to attack the Markets and Game networks it is another when they attack the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, not once but 3 times!  They gained access to unauthorized information and will continue to break the code because it is part of the plan.

Jumping to Israel, the Gaza war, which is getting heat from all sides; is mainly getting heat from pro-Palestinians, part of those pro- Palestinians are Anonymous. Well, Anonymous is responsible for a major attack on Israel Government websites. #Tango Down, Israel was just taken out by Anonymous!

The Cyber War wages on! How soon will everything be down? No one knows, but a big sign is the fact that the CME futures where offline for hours yesterday! It is important to remember that we have been given many warnings of cyber attacks. This all will could come at a moments notice, and there would be no warning besides what we already know!


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