Yellowstone: Now a herd of Elk are sprinting away!


First it was bison running from Yellowstone, now its elk, and soon probably people. We see the signs. The writing is on the wall. Earthquakes from the West Coast are a sign of pressure movement in the Earth heading North and towards a very touchy area for the USA. California and Alaska both sit on a very dangerous fault line if there is a big quake in that region then be assured that Yellowstone will probably go off as well. It is simply a matter of time before she erupts. Experts claim Yellowstone is dormant, however it is not. It is in fact very active. Watching the footage of Old Faithful is like nothing anyone has ever seen before, smoke going off all day as well as a few hard camera shakes. Something is up! See below for our report, and below that is the original video of the Elk now running away from Yellowstone.

This is such a big situation, that not only did the herd of Bison running away make it to mainstream news, but around that time the American based news agencies came out and said that Yellowstone has gone extinct. Just as they always tell us, nothing to worry about. Move a long sheeple nothing to see here. Wake up! When they have to come out and cover up a simple video of Bison running you know something is up. At the very bottom of this page is the video of Bison running away.